Medical History of Mankind


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Medical History of Mankind
How Medicine is Changing Life on the Planet

Andrey Nabokov

ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4836-3261-2
ISBN 13 (HB): 978-1-4836-3262-9
ISBN 13 (Ebook): 978-1-4836-3263-6


Chapter 1: Medicine As a Selective Breeding of Biological Species

. Whats the goal of medicine and how to understand it?
B. When the healthcare system appears and whats the difference between medicine and healthcare?
C. Who is the breeder, doctor or healthcare system?
D. The minimal functional unit of the healthcare system.
E. Whats the general direction of the human evolution?
F. Does the mankind be divided apart?
Summary of the 1st chapter

Chapter 2: The Progress of Medical Technologies and Health Care Systems

. Whats the medical technology?
B. The medical technology as the religious procedure.
C. Does the medical technology exist without doctors?
D. Whats the product of medical technologies?
E. Is it possible to live without healthcare system?
F. Kinds of healthcare systems, do they exist?
G. What determines the properties of the health care system?
I. What will be the next stage?
Summary of the 2nd chapter

Chapter 3: The Health Care System Grows in Breadth

. Setting of the new goal: political economy or humanism?
B. New management. Who is managing and whats the object of management?
C. The new structure of population. Whats the new role of medics?
D. The new competition: what's the goal? Rereading of the Michael Porter.
E. The new patient. Lets all be treated?
F. Life as the treatment procedure.
Summary of the 3rd chapter

Chapter 4: Scenarios of Medical Technology till 2050

. Whats the sense of such prognosis?
B. Bionic prosthetics. Copyright on the structure of human body?
C. Analyzers inside the human body. Who reads the values?
D. Individual medications and modulators. Who is responsible for treatment effectiveness?
E. Driven tissue regeneration. No more disability?
F. In vitro fertilization with genetic control. The artificial variety of populations?
G. Legal implications. Fragmentation of health law field for people of different types?
I. Religious and ethical subspecies of medicine. Bans on treatment?
Summary of the 4th chapter

Chapter 5: Scenarios of Medical Technology till 2100

. Transplantational Endocrinology. This is still us?
B. Neuro-programming and simulation. Copyright on thoughts and emotions?
C. Body engineering, human as an art-object. Temporary body?
D. New occupations and old occupations. Everyone treats itself?
Summary of the 5th chapter


Medicine as a serious branch of critically important knowledge, which entered into the everyday life of mankind, is not so old; it is just a few hundred years old. Judging by todays investments in it, the importance of medical knowledge and technology to governments and individuals is steadily growing. What will happen to medicine in the twenty-first century? What new capabilities will be there for mankind? In connection with this, how will the mankind change itself? Will it be healthier and how will it change the very concept of health in the future? What will happen with the health care system and why? Which relationships between medicine and health care system will there be in future? Will the tasks for health care providers be changed and how? Answers to these questions seem to me more important than the problem of future energy and space research, changes in climate, world food problems, and planetary reconciliation of inter-religious and ethnic hatred. It is not because I am not interested in these issues, but because in all of these issues the object is a human, and solutions should be found, namely, by the future mankind, whose image is forming precisely right now in the laboratories, institutes, and clinical departments, where people work in white coats. The only ones having the means and opportunity among all the scientists to change the measure of all things, that is the human being.

We live in a period of time when the most modern and new features and tools appear in human hands, power of which is incomparable to all that we have seen in the entire previous history. Many of these tools can be used to change the human as a biological object, his body and mind, and it only depends on him the way he applies them and for what they are used. It has been noted that the effects of many modern tools of mankind become clear only after the commencement of their real use.

The book you hold in your hands is an attempt to understand the medical history of mankind not only in a scientific and historical manner, with strictly selected facts and references to the historians, but also to see in the images that are visible as to how the attitude of mankind has changed towards himself and towards his body and its functions, as well as the changes in attitudes to illness and treatment and how medicine appeared in the past. Also, we will try to understand where medicine and health care industry are moving towards, the challenges they may face in the near future, and how this may impact the lives of mankind as a whole. The book will be of interest both to health professionals and to those who are interested in the development and future of medicine. Given the practical experience that absolutely everybody is well versed in the problems of modern medicine, we should expect that this book will have the widest audience.


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